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Mon-Thur: 8am – 10pm
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Sunday: 8am – 9pm


Katmandu came from the inspiration of a local Durban boy called Johnny. Johnny’s big city living developed him a love affair for cutting edge food and design; his bohemian ways took him to eclectic spaces with strong links to the great outdoors. After twenty years abroad, Johnny has found himself the perfect space to come home and share his experiences.

Johnny’s dream was to create a dining and entertainment home where all his family and friends and their family and friends can gather. A space where his tribe can get a taste of his worldly ways in an environment that compliments his cosmopolitan finds. Katmandu, as it stands today, couldn’t be more perfect to achieve these goals. Most importantly is its strong link to the beautiful outdoor areas in both the design of the buildings which stack open almost entirely and the way this links to the magnificent trees and landscaped site.  The separate buildings and zones allow for totally different experiences which will massively appeal to all of his tribe.