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Mon – Sunday: 09:00 till 17:00


These three shops were literally kissed, releasing an explosion of creativity, coloring and vibrancy when Monique became a co-owner of the Knysna and Fancourt shops. Kissed represent a group of ladies boutiques, currently situated in Ballito, Kwazulu-Natal , Knysna and Fancourt in the Garden Route of South Africa. Together these shops wish to welcome within its walls all women with a zest for life, let them in and warp them in luxury, warmth and love. It’s about beautiful clothing, close relationships and pure joy and happy feelings!

Monique has a million years of merchandising experience behind her. Born and bred in the Garden Route, she sees right through the haze and organizes beauty into an array of shapes and patterns, stimulating every single feminine sense. The clothes jump at you with visions of far-away places, luxurious stays and peaceful tranquility. At the same time it grounds you and your feet feel planted within the walls of a space where you are respected and loved. Monique is fully committed to the path she is on. She works tirelessly to keep the staff motivated and inspired and maintains the shops in tip-top world class fashion.

Franci freed herself from the legal profession to follow her passion, clothes and business. She loves her people, staff and clients alike and beams when they are feeling beautiful, she glows with their joy within. She lives by Grace and represents the experienced and transformed woman, the one that walked the path of freedom in a courageous fashion.

Live your best life, these shops pull you in, excite you and hold you as a part of it, forever!