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Following the success of the pop up concept over the 2020/21 season, The Gallery returns to deliver an infusion of culture to The Studios. Curated and managed by local artist and oil painter, Jane Digby, a range of art and design will be showcased for art lovers or browsers in a unique space within The Studios, including paintings, drawings, print, mixed media, photography, sculpture, ceramics, woven ware and more! The Gallery provides a platform for selected local artists to showcase their talent, at the same time nurturing the enjoyment and appreciation of arts and culture on the Dolphin Coast.

The Gallery presents a new exhibition titled IMPRESSION / EXPRESSION runs until 7 December 2023.

An exciting time of realignment and renewal as The Gallery opens this new exhibition, under new management. They welcome new artists and a new manager Sarah O’Reilly, into the community at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre. This wonderful collaboration of both established and emerging contemporary South African artists, each with their own unique style, their own impression of the world at this time, created with their individual expressive marks, creating artwork that’ll transcend time and transform space.

These selected artists see the miraculous in the ordinary, the wonder in a moment, light in darkness; yearning not to capture but to feel, to respond to their subjects in a deeply intuitive language of communicating through their creative journeys. The mystery and unpredictability of creating an artwork never ceases to astound neither the artist nor the viewer.

The exhibition features:

Corné Eksteen’s contemporary portraits ooze with rich personal impression and deep expressive response evoked by his subjects.
Muzi Ndlela’s expressive use of charcoal depicting artworks that exude joy and African spirit.
Lyn Hoyle’s abstract scapes, like tapestries of colourful wonder.
Michelle Graven’s delicate but powerful artworks are timelessly serene.
Guilia Forman’s bold and colourful creations exude passion and joy.
Kim Pereira’s celebration of fynbos continues with a series of beautiful images, simply beautiful.
Judy Wentzel’s colourful and playful scenes exude the joy of daily life.
Gift Dlamini’s portraits continue to surprise and astound our visitors. Symbolically linking the past with the now.
Wandile Ntlanganiso’s woodcut’s printed on his handmade paper are symbolical African masterpieces. Corinne Erasmus the second place winner of the 2023 WatercolourArtSA (WASA) international competition.
Jane Digby’s travelling sketches created in the Kruger, a couple with the help of a squirrel or two!

The continuation of 3D sculptural artists and friends – Sarah Richards, Seth Falconer, Claire Falconer, Phumlani Nyawo, The Dlamini Collection, Samantha Pitout, Sharon Paterson, Karuna Naidoo, Brenda Kuhn and Lapis Lazuli Jewellery. There’s a gift for everyone at The Gallery, including you.

What emerges during the creative process, as the artist’s intuition leads them faithfully flowing into the unknown, not wishing to create realism, nor perfectionism, is merely an impression of a fleeting moment or an expression of soulful response to Being.