An innate passion for fashion

An innate passion for fashion

The term ‘following your bliss’ couldn’t be more apt for Kissed boutique store owner, Franci Joubert, who has adored beautiful clothes, fabrics and unique styles since she was a young girl.

Although she is a qualified attorney, Franci only practices law on an ad-hoc basis, choosing instead to live her dream as the proud owner of three Kissed stores in South Africa, one of which is situated at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre.

It was after she graduated with an LLB Law from the University of Pretoria, that Franci moved to Knysna to do her articles and eventually open her own law practice. And it was here that she first discovered French Kisses.

“I immediately became one of their best customers. I travelled around the world, but always ended up coming back to my favourite store where all my beloved brands and styles were waiting, as if they had been tailored and chosen just for me. Instead of going to five different stores to find jeans, tops coats and even underwear, I always found the best of everything in one place.”

French Kisses was started almost 20 years ago by a French woman who, Franci says, had the vision to create a distinctive clothing store that was not only filled with exclusive brands, but also oozed flair and spontaneity.

“I am besotted with quality and style and when the opportunity arose in 2018, I bought the Knysna store and quickly learned the tricks of the trade – like who my target market was and what not to buy! I soon realised I had a natural ability with the unique style of the store.”
Since then, Franci has fallen more in love (and in tune) with fashion trends around the world. She has become consumed with following external and social influences, sourcing sustainable fashion and connecting and creating relationships with her clients.

Initially there were two French Kisses stores – one in Plettenburg Bay (owned by Franci’s friend) and one in Knysna. When the team from Ballito Lifestyle Centre approached and asked Franci to consider opening a store in the centre three years ago, she was sceptical at first, but decided to visit.

“I immediately fell in love with the vibrant, multi-faceted coastal town, and the Ballito Lifestyle Centre in particular. It has a similar feel to the other two areas – an outdoorsy, holiday vibe – and I instantly knew it would be a good fit for the brand.” Since then, the colourful, vibrant store has brought considerable joy to North Coast shoppers and fashion enthusiasts.

While she is still based in Knysna, Franci spends one week a month in Ballito (as well as most of her December holidays) and has incredibly knowledgeable and attentive staff in the store.

Having recently opened a new store in Fancourt, George, which she owns with her partner Monique, Franci has decided to rebrand French Kisses to Kissed. “We have already formerly changed our name – on all our branding, website and social media platforms – but we are still planning to have a big rebranding celebration – so keep an eye out!”