Coronavirus implications for Lifestyle Centre

Coronavirus implications for Lifestyle Centre

Ballito Lifestyle Centre will remain open to the public for normal centre trading hours, being 9am to 6pm Monday – Saturday and 9am – 5pm on Sundays. Anchor tenants will also operate their normal trading hours, with Lifestyle SUPERSPAR trading 7am – 8pm every day of the week. This will be reassessed on a daily basis and communicated accordingly, should there be any change.

The centre has implemented the following tenant protocols with immediate effect:

  • Hand sanitisers will be installed at strategic points around the centre, including:
    • Ablutions
    • Walkways
    • ATMs
    • Lifts and stairs
  • Additional cleaners will be dedicated to cleaning all surfaces around the centre on a continuous basis
  • All events at the centre will be cancelled until 14 April, although live music will continue to be offered at The Market and Eat Street for the time being.

The centre has sent out communication to all tenants to be fully compliant and participative in Centre protocol that has been put in place, based on national requirements and WHO principles, to prevent the spread of the virus, including the following:

Internal tenant procedures

  • Hand sanitisers to be placed and used at all store entrances and tillpoints / counters, as well as in back up areas throughout your operation.
  • Implement a 15 minute hand wash rule in your operations, whereby all staff members must be reminded and expected to wash hands for 20 seconds every 15 minutes and / or use hand sanitiser
  • Surface cleaning and sanitization, eg. Countertops, with alcohol-based wipes or solution is paramount and required on a continuous basis
  • Sanitization of any customer touchpoints, eg. Card machines, Door handles, must be wiped down after each use with alcohol-based wipes or solution
  • Staff health screening to be put in place with immediate effect
    a.  Digital thermometers to be used daily to determine if staff are running a fever
    b.  Practical observation to be used to determine if any staff member has symptoms of runny nose, cough, etc.
    If any of the above is true, the staff member is to be sent home immediately
  • Should a situation arise where a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, please advise Centre Management immediately
  • Staff need to be made aware of social distancing and physical distancing amongst each other and between themselves and customers to prevent spread of the virus. At least a 1.5m distance is recommended for all interactions.
  • Outside suppliers, reps and merchandisers to be screened and hand sanitize upon entering premises
  • Any fingerprint clock-in units to be wiped in between each clock-in
  • Tenants will no longer be required to sign in at the tenant parking
  • There is an ongoing responsibility on all management and staff to behave responsibly and appropriately, and to manage, implement and enforce that behavior with staff and customers. Any staff not complying should be subject to disciplinary action. Any customers not complying should be asked to leave the premises.

  • All the above, plus
  • Reduce and rearrange the seating in restaurants to conform to social distancing principles
  • Provide hand sanitiser at each and every table
  • Menus and bill folders to be wiped down after every use. Alternatives to menus should also be considered, eg. Disposable menus or menu boards
  • Consider signing up with Mr Delivery if not already in place to offer home deliveries
  • Live music will continue on Eat Street until further noticeThe Market
  • All events, such as Open Mic, Art with Angie, etc. have been cancelled until 14 April at this stage
  • Live music will continue until further notice
  • Communal seating area to be managed to conform to social distancing principles


  • Customers
  • Compulsory hand sanitation for all patrons upon entry into any store is required for the well-being of staff members and to simply be responsible in limiting the spread of the virus. According to Lifestyle Centre Owner, Bruce Rencken, “We are confident that our tenants understand both the importance of taking these precautionary measures as well as the need to not panic and act reasonably and responsibly. As we receive further advice from government and industry, we will pass it on and update protocol as necessary. We have a task team in place who will be meeting each day to determine our actions as events unfold. Our primary concern is the health of our customers and staff. We will keep the public updated via our Facebook page,