New Ballito Lifestyle Centre Starts to Take Shape

In only 3 months time Dischem, Sportsmans Warehouse and Toy Zone will be opening their doors at Ballito Lifestyle Centre! And soon thereafter, Baby City will follow suit. Plenty of construction is underway, both within view and behind the scenes to prepare for these big brands and other new offerings. A number of stores have already relocated to their new premises and the new layout of the centre is starting to take shape.

Home Etc., Cranberries, Origins and Absolute Pets are all ensconced in their new locations, with Gerald Wells Hair Professionals in the process of moving.

Home Etc. in its new location near Woolworths at Ballito Lifestyle Centre

Pictures of Cranberries in its new location next to Poetry at Ballito Lifestyle Centre

The old cobbled flooring has been lifted and work has begun to upgrade the area outside the Woolworths and Home Etc. but these stores will continue to trade as per normal. According to Lifestyle Centre owner and developer, Bruce Rencken, work is expected to be completed here by mid July, and Melissa’s will be opening their doors soon thereafter. Originating in Cape Town, this will be the first Melissa’s store in KZN, incorporating both a food store and coffee shop. Says Rencken, “We are really excited to bring this offering to Ballito. The Melissa’s brand is totally committed to creating products and experiences for people who appreciate and value quality, so it aligns completely with what we are doing with the reinvention of Lifestyle Centre.”

Artist’s impressions of new paving and landscaping outside Woolworths, Melissa’s and Home Etc. at Ballito Lifestyle Centre

Some of the delicious wares soon to be available at Melissa’s in Ballito Lifestyle Centre

Hoarding is currently concealing construction on the new restaurant node which is also starting to take shape. According to Rencken, “John Dory’s, Hair 4 U and Scarla May, along with Zaras, Beira Alta, Imbizo Art Gallery, Trappers and Cape Union Mart, are unfortunately compromised during this transition period but they are still open and have some great offers to compensate for the inconvenience, so we trust that their Ballito customers will continue to support them.”

The underground parking and the area above this will be out of commision from June for a 12 week period, as work starts on a new high level roof covering over this area, and will open again on 1 September 2017. Rencken has appealed to the public to make use of the front parking lot, as well as the rooftop parking, during this time. “We pride ourselves on our parking being free, safe and secure,” he says, “and the underground parking will soon be available again to supplement our other parking, with 2 lifts and a wide stairwell to convey shoppers to the brand new Dischem and surrounding stores.”

Artist’s impressions of the high level roof covering outside the new Dischem store at Ballito Lifestyle Centre

The coming months will also see the arrival of Chateau Gateaux, Cook-In, Harbour Bay, White Summer, Mythos, Salsa and Lupa, as well as the much-anticipated permanent Food Market. Follow Lifestyle Centre on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news:

Artist’s impression of the new Greek restaurant, Mythos, at Ballito Lifestyle Centre